Entrepreneur, Adult ADHD, Sensory Mom

Hey friend,

I'm Rachel and I'm thrilled you are here.


I’m a Professional Thrifter, Mom Boss & Small Business Owner. Most days, you can find me over on Instagram, talking about mom life, mindfulness, self-healing, and Adult ADHD. 


I'm extremely passionate about developing awareness of the struggles of ADHD in women, especially those who are diagnosed later in life.


I believe in gentle parenting and developing mindfulness and emotional intelligence with the next generation, and as a single mom of a child on the spectrum and ADHD, it's my goal to bring awareness, support and education to my readers. 


I make

social media

my bitch.

xo, Rachel Media believes in creating a genuine presence on social media for clients. By creating connections and relationships, brand loyalty is built with local, invested customers. 





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They offer one-click editing to fix most common photography issues without altering the colors of your items.

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