Chattanooga Hot Air Balloon Festival

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This last weekend, we took the kids to the Chattanooga hot air balloon festival. I believe this festival has been in town before, but held at a different location locally. However, this time it was down by the river park. Carni rides, a ferris wheel and food trucks — what more can you ask for?

We’ve never taken the kids on rides really — ASD and sensory issues tend to make that difficult. But Gus was extremely excited to go on the ferris wheel this time. We got there just before sunset so it was perfect timing to ride the ferris wheel and watch the sun start to go down.

The hot air balloon festival itself was not set up well. We overheard people saying that the food trucks had run out of food, the lines for rides overlapped with other lines etc. This honestly didn’t bother us much — I mean, it’s a small festival… You have to go into it with low expectations 😆

Because of the weather/wind, the balloon glow was delayed quite a bit, and they didn’t even start it until after the kids bedtime. We stayed as long as we could, but mainly rode the ferris wheel and walked around.

On the shuttle ride back to the parking lot, everyone on board kept saying how it was a waste of their money and the worst thing they’ve gone to. It reminded me how important it is to be mindful of the good things. We make it a point to teach the kids gratefulness — to appreciate the small things.

Every night, I sit down with Gus and do a mindfulness journal with him to find 3 good things about the day. Because even if you had a horrible day, you can find 3 things that went well, and that is an important lesson to learn in life. So overall, we had a beautiful time, and enjoyed taking the kids to the event.

Choose happiness today, y’all. 💕

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