Parmcrisps: My Favorite Go-To Snack

Some major life changes are happening around here over the next month, and I’m about to be crazy busy. Sometimes I forget to eat so I love ParmCrisps snacks, and pairing them with @breadandbutterwines gives me the perfect excuse to take a break.

If you haven’t tried ParmCrisps yet, you have to! It’s keto-friendly, sugar-free and vegetarian, so everyone can enjoy! Trust me, a snack this good will make you fall in love.

Follow @ParmCrisps on Instagram and experience these snack in all its glory! You can find both of these snacks at your local @krogerco

And yes, I’m moving. 🙃 I've decided to sell my house (Zillow made me do it) and move to an apartment. At this stage in my life, I'll freely admit that homeownership is not for me. I just don't have the spare time and the idea of moving to an apartment where lawn care, repairs and more are done for me is a beautiful thing.

Stay tuned for updates about the move!



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