Using Replica Surfaces to Create a Recognizeable Brand

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I recently rebranded my entire public life — my Instagram, Poshmark business, YouTube, website — everything. It was an unexpected change and I was forced to do it within 24 hours. It felt like trying to turn a cruise ship while at full speed. Rebranding is hard enough, but doing it with 30,000 followers and a business built off of having a recognizable name is painful. One thing however that didn’t change was my photography, and this was my saving grace during the process. I’ve talked before about whether or not branding is important, especially starting out as a new business owner. I feel that it is crucial to developing your brand. Even though you may adjust and change in the growth process of business, you develop a recognizable presence that brings back customers.

For me, a huge portion of my brand is my photographs. I’ve had many people tell me they are searching items on Google and see my photographs from my Poshmark closet in the google results, and they immediately know it is my listing, even though my face is not visible. They know how I edit my photos, layout my flat lays, and my typical props used. It is something people know, and learn to trust as a brand that delivers.

I attribute a significant portion of my branding to Replica Surfaces. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I came across this product early this year, and immediately fell in love. I ordered a surface, and as soon as it arrived, I knew my photography had instantly improved. I suddenly loved flat lays again, and product photography became something I looked forward to.

The Product

If you haven’t heard of Replica Surfaces before, here’s a little information for you. Replica Surfaces are hyperrealistic, rigid, stain-resistant photography backdrops that give an authentic look for the background.

They are portable, easy to clean, and sturdy. I frequently travel to source for my Poshmark and eBay inventory, and these surfaces allow me to take them on the road with me so I can continue to list as I travel.

This freedom with photography has helped me maintain my brand even though I had to execute a full rebrand with only hours notice. One thing that I’ve truly loved about my surfaces is that as I’ve incorporated new content into my social media (i.e. lifestyle, food etc), I’ve been able to maintain a consistent style throughout my photos.

Photographing clothing is my main bae — that’s how I earn my income. I use my marble surfaces for all my flat lays, and like I said — this has become an extremely recognizable style. I set my surfac